Om Dansbyrån

(Svensk översättning kommer inom kort.)

Dansbyrån was an artist-run platform which was active from 2001–2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ran by choreographers Marika Hedemyr, Paula de Hollanda, and Moa Matilda Sahlin—three individuals with different voices, practices, and perspectives but with a shared interest—Dansbyrån worked for the development of dance and choreography as theory and practice, both locally and globally.

Throughout the years, Dansbyrån developed two types of activities:

– On the one hand, Dansbyrån ran projects which provided access to knowledge, proposed contexts to challenge and develop dance and choreography as an artistic practice, and encouraged artistic risk, depth and development. One of the main activities of Dansbyrån since 2003 has been a series of public talks, seminars, lectures, and discussions, combining theory and practice entitled Dansbaren.

– On the other hand, Dansbyrån ran a studio and provided resources such as a shared stage equipment pool, administrative support, and artistic residences. Dansbyrån also arranged workshops with international artists, initiated mentor programmes and set up forums for feedback.

Dansbyrån was run as a nonprofit cooperative by its choreographers—who worked unpaid in Dansbyrån in parallel with their individual artistic activities—and was co-financed by public funding and the choreographers’ monthly fee for the studio and resources. Staff were employed for operating activities and projects.

From 2016 Dansbyrån will focus on the circulation of the publication Dansbaren—The Mob without Flash as a way to move knowledge and spur further critical dialogues in and through artistic practice and theory making.